Monday, September 5, 2011

Zine (Old) News

So I have a habit of being behind on both catching up and sharing news. The news I'm still aware of is probably as old and outdated as the news these folks are reading in this picture.
"Oh, honey. We are sooooo behind.
This news is waaaaay old."

Alas, better late than never so the saying goes. Anyway, here's some past and coming happenings I'd like for all of the blogworld to know:

Orla from Old Market Gallery at Rotherham, UK is starting a zine library and amassing quite the international collection as I write this! Orla contacted me via the great online zine network We Make Zines to submit my zine Let's Be Happy (shameless plug here!). Here's an article about Orla's efforts to spread the awesomeness of DIY self-publishing worldwide.

Next news: The Twin Cities Zine fest is making way! Here's local coverage on the event by the Metro highlighting a zine raffle where I donated FruitYoga for the cause. 

Well, that's all folks!!!

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