Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Pandatron #2 in ZanganoComix!

Check out the newest edition of Barcelona's Zangano Comics

I had the privilege of showcasing Pandatron Returns in this issue.

Here's the first Pandatron in case you're curious.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dreams of my Grandma

I've been having dreams of my late-grandmother who died this past March from health complications and some form of dementia. I always called it Alzheimer's but I don't think that was what she officially was diagnosed with. 

 Anyway, since her death, she has been visiting me in my subconscious.

The first time was right before I saw her at the wake.

  In subsequent dreams, she is her old, still-lucid self - before she had dementia. She would say something to me.

Her messages were usually cryptic.

All I know is after I woke up from the last dream I had of her (where she hands me a jacket), I started balling like a baby. I still cry when I tell people about it.